Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For Burlington MA Property Listings

Assisted showings are when seller agents attend property showings. Purchasers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, usually have contrasting views about this. The following is a synopsis of those views and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Burlington MA property listings.

Buyer and Seller Views on Assisted Showings

Property Owner Points of View

Home owners typically dislike having strangers look through their residence but they know it is necessary to sell their property. Sellers therefore feel more comfortable having their agent present at showings. Although uncommon, there are scenarios where items are taken from a home or a property is not secured properly at the end of a visit. Sellers also like the opportunity for their agent to impart information on the easily missed characteristics of their home.

Buyer Thoughts

Some purchasers welcome the chance to ask questions of a person acquainted with a property. On the other hand, some do not especially enjoy assisted showings for a few reasons. Primarily, it can cause them to feel awkward and distracted. Throughout a showing, buyers like to spend more time at homes they find attractive and a smaller amount of time at homes they find less desirable. When the other agent is there, they feel pressured to view the whole home even if it is immediately clear that they are not interested. For properties they are interested in, they can feel hurried so as not to take a lot of time from the seller agent or imply that they love the home (as it can affect their bargaining power in the future). Occasionally a listing agent initiates too much discussion with a purchaser throughout a viewing, which is also a distraction. Lastly, purchasers cannot speak openly with each other and with their agent when a representative of a seller is there.

Real Estate Agent Outlooks on Assisted Showings

Seller Agent Thoughts

Seller agents can find assisted showings very useful in marketing a property. Although a wealth of information may be provided in listing documents, purchasers or their agents might misinterpret or miss critical details. Being at showings affords seller agents the ability to cover those items and any concerns or misconceptions. By merely being at the property, they also also make sure that people are more respectful of the home and its possessions. Nevertheless, scheduling a time may be even more challenging. Opportunities may be lost when scheduling conflicts occur.

Purchaser Agent Perspectives

Buyer agents normally prefer unassisted showings since they are simpler to schedule and facilitate open discussion with their clients. It is hard enough organizing the schedules of the buyer agent, buyer, and seller. When you include the seller agent, it can become extremely difficult. This is especially the case when scheduling multiple viewings back-to-back

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For Burlington MA Property Listings

There are many advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Burlington MA property listings and they may vary based on the individual points of view. In the end, the choice belongs to the seller. Sellers should specifically consider the impact that it may have on the number of prospective buyers that will look at their home and on the feelings that those buyers will have during their visit. The locale, kind of residence, belongings, and many other details should also be a factor. Sellers should talk about this with their real estate professional to make an arrangement that best protects and benefits them in the listing and sale of their home.

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